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My name is Myriam Des Cormiers. I am a UX Designer, Graphic Designer, and Educator.

View of the Audioguide app tours page

Providing added value to the museum-goer

The Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide is an app that replaces the traditional group-guided tour. It offers guided audio tours for visitors of the Kunsthaus Museum in Vienna. The development of this project involved understanding the interaction between physical space and digital content, and trying to offer the best possible user experience.

Expressing care and support through flowers

Carpelle Florist’s website offers the ability to buy and send floral gifts, like bouquets and potted plants. The business wanted to offer its clients the ability to customize a flower arrangement on their website. The user was kept in mind through every step of the development of this new feature. 

Making nutrition and healthy eating accessible

Cookery is an app and website that provides free information about nutrition along with numerous healthy recipes for people who are trying to improve their habits. The objective of this design project was to build an intuitive tool that users feel they can rely on for scientifically sound nutritional information.

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