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I'm Myriam.

I'm from Montreal. I've always loved design, and I've been illustrating from a very young age. In addition to my main role as a project manager and educator, I've been doing freelance graphic design work for several years.

I spent the last ten years working for an organization that helps reintegrate high school drop-outs into active society. My biggest interest is to combine my diverse experience in education, management, and design to create things that have a real impact. I strive to help people use technology in a way that serves them and helps them grow.

Over the years, I've cultivated not only important technical skills (in graphic design, illustration, web design, and video editing) but also human skills. As an educator, I've had to adapt to the particular learning or physical disabilities of my students, to find new and innovative ways to deliver information.

The field of UX encompasses everything that I'm interested in dedicating myself to: design, usability, and function. I am particularly interested in developing accessible designs that serve all and I'm looking forward to gaining new experience in the field.

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