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Client Name

Project Name

Project Description

Kunsthaus Museum*

Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

The Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide is an app that replaces the traditional museum group guided tour.

Project Goal

The goal for the app is to offer added value to the museumgoer, bridging the gap between physical space and digital content.

My role

  • UX Designer

  • UX Researcher 

  • UX Writer


  • User research

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Usability testing

*Project created within the Google UX Design Professional Certificate, Kunsthaus Museum is a fictional establishment.

User Research

The main goal behind my user research was to identify the potential pain points associated to the typical group guided museum tour.


In order to identify those pain points, user interviews were conducted. The selected candidates were interested in European Art History and loved to travel.

Pain points


Having to wait for a guided tour

When in a museum, visitors can be frustrated at having to wait for the next guided tour.


Guided tours might not be in the visitor's native language

Museum visitors can come from all around the world and guided tours are not necessarily offered in their native language.


Guided tours can be long

Visitors might not want to go through an entire exhibition with the tour guide. They might only want to go through certain sections.


It can be tiring to read descriptions

Visitors can get bored of reading descriptions, hearing a description of an artwork might be more interesting.

Persona - Jeenie Bak

Persona - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

Problem Statement

Jeenie Bak is a tech-savvy young professional who needs to be able to install and learn how to use the audioguide app quickly because she wants to have a seamless and immersive visit.

User Journey Map

User Journey Map - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

Paper wireframes

The process started on paper and allowed me to imagine the different functionalities that would be needed in the app.

Paper wireframes - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

Low-fidelity prototypes

Low-Fidelity Prototype - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

Usability study

Study type




Unmoderated Usability Study

Canada (remote)

3 women and 2 men

30 minutes


Following the usability studies, some insights were identified with the goal of making the app more intuitive to navigate.


Irritation with the sign up process

The signing up and creation of an account should be removed from the app.


Lack of interest in the Favorite functionality

The Favorite functionality should be removed from the app (as it was also linked to the need for the creation of an account).


Unfamiliarity with this type of app

Users will need more visual and audio cues to navigate the app.

Refining the design

Mockup Changes - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

The sign up and log in pages have been eliminated, the user flow now starts at the Language page.

Mockup Changes 2 - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

More visual and written cues have been added to support the user during the user flow.

Mockup Changes 3 - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

The Favorites page has been removed. The icon has also been taken out of the bottom menu and replaced by a Home button.

Final mockups and high-fidelity prototypes


Final Mockups - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App

High-fidelity prototype

High-Fidelity Prototype - Kunsthaus Museum Audioguide App



“Everything is easy to locate, I’d be very surprised if people got lost within this app. I’d be very likely to use it in the context of a museum visit. ”

- Participant C, usability study

What I learned

This app has taught me many things about the UX process. However, what stood out the most to me was the need to be aware of my own biases and to truly listen to what the user has to say.

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